PVC Strip Curtains


Secure Surrounds supply and install made-to-measure PVC strip curtains within commercial and industrial properties. 

PVC strip curtains are increasingly popular in the workplace due to their ability to protect your goods and employees from weather conditions, dust and flies whilst preserving temperatures to save your business money.


Hook-on System

These PVC strip curtains are fitted with steel suspension plates that hook on (or off) at ease. This creates a useful free-flow for light forklift machinery, vans and pedestrians, whilst controlling the temperature.

Available in 100mm, 200mm 300mm and 400mm PVC strips.

Available in galvanised or stainless steel.


Swivel Hinge System

Should your business require a more durable curtain for heavier forklift use, this industrious curtain system would be ideal for your workplace. As the UK's toughest curtain suspension system, it is ideally suited to constant, heavy usage in the workplace.

Available in 300mm and 400m PVC strips only.


Coolstrip Systerm

Coolstrip PVC strip curtains are a food safe, quality alternative to running cabinets. Reducing costs through aiding to maintain temperature control whilst providing convenient access.

Available in 100mm PVC strips only.


Sliding Track System

This system can be used with Hook-on and Swivel Hook Curtains to allow clear access temporarily with ease.

Available in galvanised steel only but can be Face Fitting or Underside.

NB There must be a structural surface above and/or beside the opening for the sliding rails to fix to. Secure Surrounds are able to carry out any structural work needed, available on request. PVC Strip curtain Draught excluder commercial


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